Frequently Asked Questions

Return Policy

Due to our items being handmade, we do not offer returns. There are certain situations where only exchanges are granted (see our damaged products policy)

Only items purchased on may be accepted for an exchange.

Damaged Products Policy

If you receive an item that is broken or damaged in its original and unopened state due to our error, the customer will need to submit a claims for damaged or defective merchandise to customer service within 7 days for a replacement.  Items will not be replaced after 7 days.

In the event that product is defective or arrives damaged from a Carrier, the customer will need to submit a claims for damaged or defective merchandise must be made within 7 days of purchase.

Please contact customer service at and if approved for an exchange, we will respond with the appropriate exchange instructions.

RMC Beauty will send a replacement once the request is processed. Customers are asked to include digital photo(s) of the damaged or defective product so RMC Beauty can forward to our Carrier.


Any chargeback will be pursued by our legal team and labeled as fraudulent to your credit card company or bank.

Customers who fraudulently file chargebacks, will be cited for fraud with their credit card company or their bank. As the merchant, we will fill a representment showing proof of your purchase. The penalties vary from institution but are not limited to the closure of the account, loss of banking privilege, damage to credit score and etc.

Processing and Shipping

Due to the nature of our products being made handmade in small batches, by a small team, we ask for your consideration in allowing us to process your order.  Our process includes but is not limited to: ordering supplies from our supplier, mixing product, bottling product, sanitation practices, labeling, packaging, and etc. Our goal is efficiency and accuracy. We look to improve our methods as we grow, especially from our customer feedback. We aim to have our processing time between 7-10 days, in some cases, up to 14 days. However, due to COVID-19, some processing hasn’t been done until 3-4 weeks, only due to waiting our ingredients from our suppliers. Customers whose orders are not processed after 21 days, will have an outreach email from us, explaining the reason for the delay. Please watch our social media page for any announcements of delays.

Our preferred Carrier is USPS, and due to national shipping delays, we are not responsible for any delay on the Carrier’s end. We will continually update our site to let you know when shipping has returned to normal.

Our preferred Carrier, USPS, offers priority mail that results in 1-3 day shipping time. RMC Beauty is not responsible for packages that are left unattended. RMC Beauty is not responsible for packages that have been left in unfavorable weather that causes product quality to change. Please track your package, to limit extreme heat and cold.


Our products are handmade in small batches currently, by a small team. We endeavor to grow our team as the increase of sales will aid in that goal. We ask for your patience, as each product is made by hand. We order ingredients from our suppliers, which greatly contributes to our processing time. 

Our products are not made in a nut-free facility, as we use a lot of natural products that are nuts, i.e. shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil, walnut powder, and etc. It is very possible that even if your product is nut-free, that it may have come in contact with our other ingredients. 

Out of Stock Products

Since we are a very small team, 1 adult & 2 teenagers, we do not believe it is ethical for us to just let the site run, as we don’t want to frustrate our customers with having false hope. When we are out of stock of products, that means we are ordering supplies, making products, and stocking them to a reasonable level. As we grow, we are hoping to add more help to our company, in order to meet demand. We know that waiting for a restock can also be frustrating, but we believe that customers would be frustrated even the more, if they paid for a product, and have to wait weeks for the product. We rather restock and announce the restocks consistently, rather than to hold your money for lengthy periods of time.

Allergy Test

ALWAYS CONDUCT A 24 HOUR ALLERGIC REACTION TEST. At RMC Beauty we strive to formulate our products to not include irritating ingredients. Since there are so many types of sensitive skin, and as much as we wish we could, we cannot adequately accommodate everyone’s unique skin care needs. To help you minimize the chance of a negative reaction, we list all ingredients under each product and also have an ingredient glossary with more information on the ingredients we use. That way, if you know what ingredients you are allergic or sensitive to, it’s easy to see if a product contains them.